I Hate It!

I love June.

I love summer.

I love the flaming sun, the celeste sea, and the verdant grass.

I love the passion as red, the purity as blue, and the gentleness as green.

I love travelling in such a wonderful and charming season to such an attractive place.

I love strolling in the downtown just as what the Generation-Z do.

I love swimming in the sea just like a free shuttle.

I love climbing the mountain just as "the King of the World".

I love sitting the bath of hot spring just as the immortal.

Still, all I love are being challenged by those all I hate.

I hate the planes, the ships, and the coaches.

I hate the fares.

I hate the Mainland-characteristic Airport Construction Fee.

I hate the lack of money, though I have enough money to afford it.

I hate the days and hours on vehicles being more than those on tour.

I hate the June 7-9’s NMET and the June 18-19’s HSET and the June 22-24’s secondary school final exam.

I hate the jobs as in operation staff or law firm.

I hate the National Judicial Examination.

I hate the graduation.

I hate the campus days coming to an end.

I hate complexity.

May God continue to bless the puny lamb on the earth.

May Jesus Christ continue to guide us into the essence and the truth of life itself.


About Jeremy Shih

Shanghai, Republic of China
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