Lunar New Year’s Eve 2006

—— 中国农历丙戌新年 正月初一

Friday, January 27, 2006

0425 p.m. – 0530 p.m. J’s City Plaza; Plaza 66; Nanking Road West.

0545 p.m. – 0700 p.m. City Temple; Yu Garden: Nanhsiang Steamed Buns.

0715 p.m. – 0900 p.m. City Temple Green; The Bund.

0910 p.m. – 1010 p.m. Nanking Road Pedestrian Street; New World Emporium.

1015 p.m. – 1045 p.m. Raffles City: Ajisen Noodles.

 Empire State Building, Manhattan, New York, United States
 Empire State Building                                       Citi Group Mansion
 Citi Group Mansion, Lu-Kia-Tzui, Shanghai, United Republic
[To drag and drop by mouse for largest original: 2520×480 pxs]
Wing-On Department Store, Nanking Road Pedestrian Street, Shanghai
Statement: Except the New York pictures, all the pictures were photographed by Jeremy Shih.
Except for those who have permissions, none of the copyright pictures can be transpublished.

About Jeremy Shih

Shanghai, Republic of China
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