The Standby Start

Statement of the Start
This website (JSCK™ Live Home) cannot be visited by Mainland Chinese netizens since June 22, 2007, due to some political reasons. We are working hard to restore the access for Mainland Chinese netizens. As for the reason which caused the problem, we reserve all the rights related to Universal Human Rights Bills.
As a substitute for the official website, a shadow website ( has been set up and opened to public, with the same updates and contents with the original official website (
Thanks for all those who always support and love this website. JSCK™ Live Home, forever.
基於創設自由互聯網路平臺,JSCK™ Live Home 始終以記錄個人所思所感,以及對於生活、對於世界之觀感而成爲個人精神之家園;同時以其製作專業、資訊豐富、内容真實、圖文並茂而成爲衆多網民的停留之処。自從2005年2月發佈以來,訪問量突破22,000次,留言數突破1,000條。在此,感謝長期以來始終給予本空間關注和支持的各位網友。
鑒于本人官網 JSCK™ Live Home ( 自從2007年6月22日遭受來自大陸的網址攔截及IP屏蔽以來,中國大陸地區的網民無法通過常規手段瀏覽本空間。一個月以來,有部分網友透過各種管道向本人詢問進入空間的方法並得以進入,但考慮到如果使用特殊技術手段並不適應所有網友,因此本人于日前決定正式啓用 JSCK™ Live Home 影子官網 (。所謂影子官網,即保持與官網同步更新、同樣内容、同等地位的備用官網。

† As for all the blogs (essays) and photos (pictures) on this website "JSCK™ Live Home", all rights reserved. Anyone is not allowed to copy, modify, reproduce, publish, create derivatives, or transfer contents, in whole or in part, from the website, for any commercial or uncommercial purpose, without formal permission of the original author and copyright owner, Jeremy Shih.
[本版所涉之全部日誌文字及圖片並其他, 版權所有, 均係智慧產權法律保護之客體. 未經作者暨權利人之書面授權, 任何個人和組織均不得針對上述全部或部分内容進行營利性或者非營利性之複製、修改、衍生、出版或轉載. 違者將受到民事指控並承擔由此產生的一切後果.]
Jeremy Shih 

About Jeremy Shih

Shanghai, Republic of China
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